Beauty Big Bang - Gold Flakes


In mid-August, a company called Beauty Big Bang contacted me to test and review some products for you guys. They're still relatively new to the nail art industry, but they're already providing some pretty tough competition against other nail art retailers such as Born Pretty Store, Twinkled T, and Whats Up Nails.

Like Born Pretty Store, Beauty Big Bang is based in China. Products can take awhile to ship, but it only took about a month and a half for the products to arrive for me. That may seem like a long time but other Chinese retailers have had me wait 2-3 months at a time for purchases to arrive so the wait wasn't that bad.

One of the products that I chose to receive were these stunning gold flakes. These flakes (product ID#J2430-GD) currently retail for $3.73CAD and come in gold and silver. They also do not require gel polish to apply as most flakes and powders on the market do. All of Beauty Big Bang's flakes and powders come with a small eyeshadow applicator sponge to apply the product with. I applied my black base, then put a thin coat of topcoat on and waited for it to get tacky, then lightly tapped the flakes onto the nail to get this scattered look.

However, these flakes are very versatile. You can do a scattered look like I did above, or you can buff the product in to create a more concentrated look. When you buff the product in, it creates this crackly gold foil effect pictured below:

I loved wearing these gold flakes and felt like a total diva while wearing them. If you want to check out Beauty Big Bang's products, be sure to check out their site! You can use my code BLONDIE to get 10% off of your purchase. Plus, if my code is used 6 times, Beauty Big Bang will sponsor a giveaway!

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